Windsurfing and surfing in Fuerteventura
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windsurfing / surfing / Fuerteventura
windsurfing / surfing / Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is a paradise for windsurfing, kitesurfing and wave surfing. Fuerteventura is known for its beautiful sand beaches and its crystal clear water. Temperatures range over the year between 20 and 28 degrees.

The island is the second largest and least populated of the 7 Canary Islands. An arid mountain range of about 100 km stretches along the island. The volcanos are not active anymore, the last time they erupted was about 7000 years ago, ...

Mountains in a colors ranging from dark red to ash gray, and lava landscapes, partly covered by the sand of the Sahara create the bizarre beauty of the island.

When traveling inland you don't meet many people, but you for sure will find a lot of goats – there are about double the amount of goats (70,000) than inhabitants on the island. In a sense you could say that goats became something like a mascot of the island.

The goat cheese on Fuerteventura, one of the few local specialties is very delicious and of excellent quality.

The North of the Island:

In the North of the Island you will find sand dunes, rocky bays, many kilometers of uninhabited coastlines. Towards the center of the island you find lava plains from which eroded vulcanos surge.
Corralejo, is the second largest tourist center after Jandia. Right in front of the town there is a large dune area with long beaches.
The rock island Lobos lies 1km from the coast, Lanzarote can be seen on the horizon. Corralejo is a lively tourist place with international visitors (whereas the rest of the island is mainly visited by German tourists), a few surf schools, a windsurf center, bars for every taste and lots of shops.

Puerto del Rosario, the capital of the island is located 6 km north of the airport. The city does not seem a very pleasant place, but apparently accommodation is cheap there.
El Cotillo is an old fishermen town in the northwest. The coast in this region is beautiful and wild. South of Cotillo there are perfect surf spots.

The South of the Island:

Sunset at Cofete

The longest beach of all the Canary Islands (Playas de Sotavento) is located in the South of Fuerteventura. From the airport a road winds down south 90km through wide open lava plains. The first bigger vaccation resort you will find on the way south is Calete de Fustes. Further south, from Pozo Negro until Gran Tarajal the coast is framed by steep cliffs. 65 km south of the airport the island narrows: this is where Costa Calma, a resort at a white, sandy beach is located. The famous Playas de Sotavento de Jandia stretch southwards towards Jandia/Morro Jable.

La Pared

Playa Barca is a beautiful beach with a long lagune. Every year the Windsurf World Cup takes place at this fantastic surf spot. Windsurf and kitesurf rental and courses are offered at the 2 Rene Egli Pro Centers.
La Pared
is located at the narrowest part of the island on the wild and romantic West coast. An oversized promenade with palm trees and stone benches leads into the center of the town. La Pared seem to be less touristy than most other towns, especially on the South coast. Cowabunga, a surf school is located directly in La Pared. Here you can rent boards or take surf lessons.

Sunrise at Playa de Sotavento

Jandia / Morro Jable, an old fishermens' town, has grown into a tourist center with numerous hotels, vaccation resorts, bars, restaurants and souvenir shops. Ideal, for those who like long beaches and lot's of "touristic action".
From Morro Jable you reach Puerto de la Cruz after a 20km drive (best with a jeep) over a dirt road. Next to the lighthouse you can watch surfers have fun on huge waves.
Cofete is also a 20 km drive away from Morro Jable, the dirt road leading there even rockier than the one to Puerto de la Cruz . Here you will find only a handfull of houses and a small bar and endless, unspoiled beaches (Playa de Barlovento). Due to a strong undertow swimming is extremely dangerous at these beaches.

Playa de Barlovento

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