Summer is over and Fall in full form
(if you are interested in getting some of the articles translated in french or german, we will gladly do so, we don't do it automatically because we don't have much time for it)

That means our 4th newsletter, we still have no experience in that field, or any other field for that matter, so bear with the us please....

We had promised a newsletter for the summer, but we ran out of time. The good news is that this means more content to the newsletter. We finally finished our special feature about how to play the greatest sport on the planet: 3 Person Volleyball.....

Our fall program:

We have had reports that our corny love cards and postcards are having trouble surviving our vacation we will fix it asap, so please come back soon to use them.

If you are lost trying to figure out what the UIAA climbing grades used in the articles mean, check out the climbing grades conversion table.

For those more like me who are more into reading and staying at home drinking, we haven't been reading much, so view our previous book reports.

Thank you for your patience and until the next newsletter: PRAY FOR SNOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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