Rock climbing in the Dolomites, Italy.

General pictures of the area near Passo di Fassa (Between Val Gardena and Campitello)

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Most pictures are taken in the area near the Passo di Fasso, between Val Gardena and Campitello. We focused mainly on the cliffs that we know have good rock climbing routes on them or that just looked good as we were close. Some pictures are taken from Pordoispitze (Piz Pordoi), but we did not follow the route that goes to Cortina D'Ampezzo, where i beleive the road is as impressive as the one of the Passo di Fasso.


A view on the Grohmann, Fünfingerspitzen and the Langkofel (distant left) the impressive Piz Ciavazes in the foreground and in smaller to it's left the Sella towers. Photo taken from the summit of the Sass Pordoi.

A closer view on the Grohmann, Fünfingerspitzen and the Langkofel.

The Piz Ciavazes from the front.
The left upper section of the Piz Ciavazes from the summit of the 1st Sella tower.
The Punta de Joel, peak to the right of the Sass Pordoi.
The upper section of the Sass Pordoi, approx. 300m and lots of possibilities. Nice hole in the rock on the right side.
A close up on the left side of the above pitcure. Notice the climber on the ramp on the lower left side.
Another section of the upper part of the Sass Pordoi.
A close up on the top part of the one above...Notice the climber below the triangular overhang.