Rock climbing in the Dolomites, Italy.

Fedele on the North-West face of the Pordoispitze (Piz Pordoi)

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Unfortunately, we did not climb this impressive route: 800m , 26 pitches, grade IV+. some of our friends did, and we pray they will write about it and lend us their pictures......

Quick description:

The route follows a big black water streak, it is supposed to be wet very often, but the water running down has made for very solid rock with a huge amount of great holds (so the guide book claims). It is possible to escape and avoid the final 6 pitches by going along the terrace where you will meet the path going up to the gondola that stands at the summit (Sass Pordoi). This gondola can be used to descend from the top of the route providing that someone is there to meet you at the bottom since it is not close to the start point of the route.....

A view of the Piz Pordoi and the Sella Towers taken from the notch between the Thumb and the index on the 5 finger traverse


General view of the whole cliff.

The upper part of the first section, with in the background the upper part of the 2nd section