Rock climbing in Hohe Wand

The Duettsteig is a neigbourgh of the Draschgratt, it starts about 20-30m to the left, but they share the last 2 pitches. It is a bit harder, or if you prefer, it is more sustained, not harder in climbing grade. Our guidebook mentions that this route is barely protected, but upon arrival and climbing there, we realized that we carried the set of nuts and protection for nothing, there were bolts and enough for our taste.

The first pitch goes up a vertical but easy crack, sometimes it felt slightly overhanging, but the holds are perfectly placed and just of the right size, you would have wanted to create this pitch artificially, you couldn't have done better, all the way to the relay, a little platform, next to a tree, with already a nice view above the treeline.

Second pitch takes you to the right of the same crack, for a bit of friction on a gently sloping slab, ending through some grassy rocks and relaying under an overhanging face.

There are many routes on this face, and for those that are in better shape than us many possibilities, but as we were on our first climb of the season, and we are not that good to start with, we opted for continuing the route we had started, to the right then following the base of the face on a ridge, to go and meet the last 2 pitches of the Draschgratt. The end is the same, a nice plateau at one of the highest points of the Hohe Wand, with paragliders and hanggliders flying gently in the air above.

The route in all is 5 pitches for about 150m and a grade of 5- (4, 4, 3, 3, 5-), very enjoyable with a nice view of the surrounding plains throughout.