Rock climbing in Hohe Wand

It took us quite some time and energy to get to the base of the route, as a winter mudslide had washed away the path to it and we (as usual) got lost. But in general, everything is extremely well indicated, and we have only our stupidity to blame for the lost time (and sunglasses). A normal approach to our route should take between 15-25 mintes (1 1/2 for us, nothing new).

The route starts very easy, scrambling along for the first 2 pitches (short) and well protected, bolts when they are needed, and relays in excellent condition. The route then becomes a bit harder, coming along a ridge for the next 2 pitches (also short), but clear of the trees now and with a nice view on the valley behind.

The final half of the climb is the nicest and harder one. You climb up a column that sticks out from the rest of the cliff for 2 pitches (well protected, even maybe too protected). The view on the rest of the cliff, the valley behind is impressive as you are by then quite high and there is only emptyness next to you. the last pitch meets the rest of the wall again and finishes at, what seemd to us, the highest point of the whole climb. the walk down is easy, just follow a well worn path down to a hut (drinks and food available), then down into the forest back to the road at the bottom.

All in all, the 150m took 2 1/2 hours, great climbing, a few loose rocks in the lower part, a perfect (late) start to the season. And with 500 routes in the area, combined with another valley (Hoellental) not so far (another 1/2hour) with another 500 routes and even longer climbs (up to 300m) we were told, the region sure has a lot to offer.....We will add information as we climb more routes during the course of the summer.