Rock climbing at Peilstein

Kleiner Zinnenkessel / Grosser Zinnenkessel

More for top roping, this section offers 26 routes in a maximum of 25m in lenght. varying between 5 and 7+. On hot summer days, it is a good place to climb as the afternoon finds some cool shady places.

Interesting routes:

Storkakante and Direkte Storkakante both 5+ on 30 m with the crux being the move from one slab to the other.

Winterspeck (6) and SO-Wand (6+) both on the inside of the little bowl, nice overhanging climbs, the SO the more of the two, but with big handholds. The Winterspeck offers a nice view as you get to the summit. See video below of the Winterspeck

Panikweg (5+), opposite from the Zweifreundeweg offers some interesting move at the top.

Riedleinstieg (6+),very challenging beginning, the first 3 moves are really hard, but fun.

The most interesting route is the Zweifreundeweg, a nice 6 going right next to the ridge, when arriving at the summit, the view on the whole valley behind opens up, with just wide open space.


Grosser Zinnenkessel

This south facing section (gets quite hot in the summer) contains 20 routes between 20 and 35m and ranging from 4+ to 7+.

  • Mayerweg, (5) on 22 meters, the last section holds the crux and looks harder than it is.
  • Herosweg, (4+), 35m, big wall feeling,very nice easy route, perfect for a warm up, the overhang at the top is not as hard as it seems. Very nice route
  • Ein Versuch von unten, (5), 35m, the lower part of this route is a bit annoying with some grass and trees, but then the second half is once again a beautiful corner (see the Terzettkamin) ending in a tricky, but no so hard overhang.
  • Flopo (6), 32m, right next to Herosweg, we haven't climbed it yet but it looks great.
  • Via Garfield (7-), 28m, we didn't climb it, but while doing the Versuch von unten, observed some Czeck guys doing it, nice and challenging, with a little break in the middle only to reach the crux at the last few moves.