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Snowboarding and telemarking at Le Tour,
Chamonix, France

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Le Tour is the resort the furthest from Chamonix and has the reputation of being the beginner's resort. While it is true that it is the best place to take your first steps in snowboarding, skiing or telemarking, thanks to the long and easier slopes on the sunny front side, the back side offers enough to keep even the best skiers challenged.

The front side (facing Chamonix and the Mont Blanc), as we like to call it, is also the ideal freestyler's dream, as there lie many natural half and quarter pipes all over the area. Long natural gullies offer many launch sites and this area was the favored one before the valley of Chamonix had an official half-pipe. Some years, Le Tour also build a half-pipe and fun park near the mid station.On sunny days it is also an excellent place to go and take in some of the warm rays coming this way.

Snowboarders might not be interested in the traverses that bring you to the left and back sides as they involve some long flats and a few pomas lifts, but the effort is worth your while as, when you finally arrive at the top of the Tête de Balme lift, a whole world that was previously available only to the adventurer off piste skiers is now opened (limited to the areas marked on the trail map), served by a detachable chairlift and with a lower section ideal in cases of whiteouts (everywhere else) as it runs through a not so dense forest . For a bit more interest, at the end of the day you can follow the trail that leads to the village of Vallorcine and go for a beer in this pictoresque village. You will need to take the train or hitchhicke back to Chamonix though.

The left side, served by the Aiguilette t bar (or is it a poma) will serve some short but enjoyable terrain.