absolutemotions has just recently launched its website. The company is owned and directed by one mean boss who started it because he had nothing better to do... The real work is done by the newsletter writer who has to travel around the world investigating mountains to climb and slopes to ski. The hours are long, the work demanding, the pay non-existant and the satisfaction total....

Croatia Ski Report January 6, 2000

Believe it or not, there is some excellent skiing in Croatia. Nevermind all those stories you hear about war and landmines in that country. The fact is, the war is over and there are no landmines....in some areas. There is the official ski resort, Bjelo Lasica, near Ogulin, which is also the take off point for rafting and kayaking trips on the Kupa River (more on that in the future). B.L. has hotels, about 20 houses, and 4 lifts with a trail length of 4km. No need to make reservations as the crowds are not queing up for a chance at riding this mountain!

For the hardcore ski touring folks (and for me since i don't get paid to do this), there is also a top-secret, undeveloped area north of Ogulin along the Slovenian border where tree-bashers would drool upon seeing the unharnessed potential of skiing sick lines through thick forests. There is no lodging, no restaurants, no nightlife, no lift lines (no lifts at all). Simply show up with your boards, hike up a hill, and begin to rip and carve turns through these uninhabited hills.

Chamonix Ski Report January 6, 2000

I recently returned from skiing in Chamonix over the Christmas holiday. The snow was excellent. There just was not enough of it. Of course, there is never enough snow, just like my dogs would say that there is never enough food in their bowls. They would eat until they puked if they could. I would ski until I puke too, if there were enough snow. However, as I was saying, there wasn't enough snow. My skis were heavily damaged. I wouldn't care about that if I worked for a real company since I would be able to expense the repairs to the firm. However, my boss doesn't pay me very well. In fact, he doesn't pay me at all, bastard! So, I have to go ski on rocks, destroy my skis, and pay for the repairs out of my own pocket!
Getting back to the subject at hand, however, I must say that skiing in Chamonix is always a blast, even without snow. For those of you thinking about going later in the year, I have some good news: Legend has it that the later in the year it snows, the more of it there is. So, wax your skis, sharpen the edges, and get ready to ski until you puke!